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Conservatory Roof Conversions to Your Specifications in Ayr, Ayrshire

Does your conservatory get too hot or too cold as the seasons change? If so, look no further than our reputable glazing company. At Tommy Calder Window Repairs, in Ayr, Ayrshire, we offer first-class conservatory roof conversions. Thanks to this, you'll be able to enjoy the comfort of your conservatory all year round. With a guarantee of 15 years, our roofs are 100% maintenance free and help you to save money on your household energy bills.


Conservatory Solar Film Systems

Creating a protective solar barrier, conservatory solar inserts are a highly advanced system designed to fit directly within most conservatory roofs. Once installed, our solar inserts will help to reduce overheating, blinding glare, harmful UV rays, furniture fading in summer, and heat escape in winter. Inexpensive and more cost-effective than blinds and air-conditioning, you'll notice up to an 85% difference upon most fittings.

Clearing Away Any Waste

As well as being expert locksmiths, we have a controlled waste registration certificate which allows us to pick up any waste from a property and take it to a designated recycling plant in which it is disposed of correctly and in the right processes. If you need proof of this, we do carry the card on us at all times to ensure when queried we can produce. This is our way of putting back into the environment and ensuring we stay eco-friendly within our everyday life.

Contact our glazing company today, in Ayr, Ayrshire, to receive more details about our unrivalled conservatory roof conversions.